Delete Your Activity Data Stored By Google or Youtube or Android

By Gavin | January 13, 2019

This is about what does Google know about which is very important to you.

So many people around the world people have a different perception, for example, there are a few categories of the people who simply do not want anyone to keep their data which is related to them, secondly people who are fine that website or apps hold their activity data. For example, if they want to search or watch or want to buy any particular thing, now based on their previous search activities they will get the product or desired result very quickly, and according to their needs or they want search engine can hold some specific data, but not all.

Google has released a new feature, you open internet page, log in to your Gmail account and type the website address my activity, a welcome page will appear, click Next, once you log in, your all stored rate activity with Google will appear here now.

For example, if you don't want particular data is scrolled on a track the straight activity, you want to delete from Google, let's say you want to delete that particular activity data with the mouse cursor, it is click on see small dots and click delete, press ok, press delete, and to remove activity data from here, so the diet activity has been deleted, now delete all activity data at once, to do this you click on three dots where the cursor is, and click on delete all activity data by clicking on all-time or enter custom dates.

If you want to do any particular specific dates data, for example, you can select the date range of store activity data to delete, you can enter it and you click Next, and then you click delete, all the related activity will be deleted from here.

How to delete specific activity data? For example, like with the products, you click on filter by date and product you select which particular product activity you want to delete, I guess if it's Maps news, or like you have done some searches you want to delete that offered selection, click on search button, and all data delete activity with that particular boxes will appear, now you again click on see dots, press delete and remove all data activity from here, and all the data has been deleted.