Your Google Activity Control

By Gavin | March 05, 2019

We all know that Google gathers and stores lots and lots of information, and if you have a Google account it stores everything and records everything that you do while using their services, whether it's an app or whether it's something like Gmail, voice messaging, all that stuff is recorded.

Did you know that you can actually check and see what's been recorded and to some extent, you can even limit what's being stored and recorded? It all starts off by going to this link, once you get there you will be required to sign into your Google account, as it says here, once signed into your account only you can see that data, you are also the only one that can make changes to what's being collected. Let's go through a couple of items that we can get to easily.

Currently, we're looking at web and app activity, but it also keeps a record of the voice and audio activity, anytime you do a search a voice search that information is stored, and if we click on it, it takes us to the voice and audio activity. By simply clicking on the play it allows us to listen to what's been recorded, you also at this point.

If you're going into there's another menu which allows you to delete an item, you can go to your settings, as you can see, you can manage your activity, and this is basically where you going to be able to control what's happening, allowing. It means it's going to be recorded if you disallow it won't be.

Just a little insight into what happens, when you use Google to do your searches or Google to handle your emails or anything else that you may be handling, that comes directly from Google. Yes, they gather all the information, that's how it keeps us up to date, that's how it makes our life easier. You need to decide what you're going to allow and what you would prefer not to have recorded, stored, and passed along to everyone else. You are the ultimate controller.